Metallica Announces ‘Vinyl Club’

Metallica Announces ‘Vinyl Club’

You a vinyl Metallica freak? They have the hookup for you!

Metallica has announced that they are introducing a ‘Vinyl Club’ for you audiophiles out there.

What do you get in the vinyl club? Straight from Metallica’s website:

  • Four vinyl records including rare cuts, demos & rough mixes, and live rarities; who knows what we’ll dig up!
  • 33 ⅓ rpm (small hole) 7” vinyl
  • Digital Download Card
  • Personalized Membership Card
  • Select releases (not all four) throughout the year will include additional collectibles; this could be anything from exclusive stickers to picks, or even posters

This is a membership based subscription, so you do have a to be a member of their club Fifth Member in order to sign up. Each album will release throughout the year and only cost you $49.99!

That’s actually not too bad for that.

While I am not a HUGE vinyl collector, I do enjoy owning vinyl. If a band is selling their album, I usually go for the vinyl album before I go for the CD. Usually bands include digital downloads with the album, so it’s like buying 2 copies of the album all at once.