Twizzlers Now Have An Untwisted Version Called “Izzlers”!

Twizzlers Now Have An Untwisted Version Called “Izzlers”!

As you may know, Twizzlers are my FAVORITE candy in the UNIVERSE.  Not just ANY Twizzlers, though.  I only eat the original Strawberry Twists or the Cherry Nibs.  (I won’t eat any of the other crappy flavors like orange, green apple, Dr. Pepper, etc.)  YUCK!

BUT… I am excited to try this new version of Twizzlers!  They’re called Izzlers!  They are the same as the original Strawberry Twists, just without the twist!

They’re similar to the smooth Super Nibs (pictured above), but strawberry flavored.  Izzlers are only available for a limited time, too!

I MUST HAVE THESE!  Let me know if you are a Twizzlers or Red Vines eater.  (Red Vines SUCK!!)

– C.C.


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