New Atreyu and Godsmack videos uplift us in difficult times

New Atreyu and Godsmack videos uplift us in difficult times

Yes, we’re in uncharted waters. Our lives have been unsettled and stress and anxiety levels are high.  People look for comfort, stress-relief and escape in their music and no radio format offers all of the above like a great Rock station.  With everything from angry metal to fuel your emotional release, to dark ballads that get in your head and heart, Rock radio offers it all like no other.

Two songs with accompanying videos that we like a lot are Godsmack’s Unforgettable and Atreyu’s Super Hero featuring M Shadows (A7X)  and Aaron Gillespie (Underoath).

GODSMACK: In the just released video for Unforgettable,Sully brings Godsmack to a school assembly to teach kids that music, whether you perform or consume it, is a “universal miracle” and the kids all end up on the final release of the song.  Great video and song!  You’ll also see the kids talking about what music means to them.


Atreyu: Features M Shadows and Aaron Gillespie who all have kids now, putting out a great song and video reflecting on parenting and being that “Super Hero” that every parent (maybe husband) wants to be and every kid needs. It’s an inspiring video and hopeful song.


Let music do it’s thing, it’s a powerful tool to reflect on the best times and get you through difficult ones!