Apartment Hunting Still

Apartment Hunting Still

I’ve come to realize that apartment hunting is kind of like dating.  I want something that’s one of a kind, and I won’t settle until I find it!  I’ve been looking online every day for new apartment listings for 2 months now.  All I’m seeing is basic square boxes with no character, which is why I want to move out of the place I’m in now.  I’m trying to be patient!!  Luckily, I have a month-to-month lease right now.

I realize my apartment in Seattle was in the city, and there aren’t as many options in a smaller area, but here’s a few pics of that apartment I had.  It was one of a kind full of quirks (like me).

If I could find something like that around here, I’d be so stoked.  Doesn’t have to be as artsy as this apartment was, but an apartment in an old house would be cool.  I would like to be able to plant flowers in the yard.  I prefer something NOT in a complex.  I also want it to be off a main road.  If I could find a little house in a small town that’s within my budget, I’d be happy with that, too!  I don’t want to be more than 10 miles from Cedar Rapids.  I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll find a place that I can call home soon!

If you know of anything like I described, please let me know!