Ned’s Coffee & Quarantine with Wayland!

Ned’s Coffee & Quarantine with Wayland!

Time for episode 4 of Ned’s Coffee & Quarantine!

Bands are stuck at home, unable to tour, so what is there to do? Call Ned on a ZOOM meeting and give fans updates on what their favorite bands are doing while enjoying a hot cup of coffee!

When I first started this thing, easily one of the first bands that I KNEW had to be included on Coffee & Quarantine was Wayland…and thankfully, they had some time to sit down, chat, and even play some acoustic tracks! As you know, I have known these guys for the majority of my radio career, so it was cool to sit down and just chat. Wayland is also a group that we gave a shot to on Rock 108 with their hit track ‘Ghost’ and it still is one of our higher testing songs, thanks to you!

3 friends, and a couple of microphones….what is there to talk about?

  • 2 LIVE acoustic performances of ‘Ghost’ and ‘Shopping for a Savior’
  • Having one of their songs played at my wedding in 2013
  • What the band is doing to engage fans while in quarantine
  • Docuseries coming to YouTube chronicling the creation of the band
  • Special VIP opportunities with the band you could participate in

This was one of my favorites, so enjoy!

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