The Offspring’s Upcoming Album Has Been ‘Put On Hold’

The Offspring’s Upcoming Album Has Been ‘Put On Hold’

The wait continues.

It’s been seemingly forever since we have heard any new material from The Offspring. The last album that they released was ‘Days Gone By’ all the way back in 2012! So, it’s been a couple of years.

For years now, the band has mentioned that they are working on new stuff, and are in no real rush to release anything either! Tours, festival shows, and even cool interviews with certain Rock 108 DJ’s (hint hint…) have all been happening, but what about new stuff? Thanks to coronavirus? Looks like 2020 will be without a new Offspring record.

In the video below with Download Festival, Dexter and Noodles shares where the new record is.

So there you go….more waiting….ughh….but art takes time, so like the entire year of 2020? I will CONTINUE to be patient.

Because I will always continue to share this interview, here it again for your enjoyment.