‘Dirty Jobs’ Was Such a Great Show

‘Dirty Jobs’ Was Such a Great Show

A show making a unique comeback, but truthfully should have just kept going is Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs.

Chances are you have heard of it or even seen it on a re-run on Discovery…in a world of Gold Diggers, Pawn Shop Shows, etc…Dirty Jobs was always a little more special than the others, specifically thanks to it’s fun host Mike Rowe. The show followed host Mike as he would go on viewer suggestions of jobs out there that fall under the word dirty….weather it be a pig wrangler, garbage worker, Turkey insemination, painting the Mackinac Bridge…in the word’s of the show’s intro ‘It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.’

With hundreds of TV shows out there, Dirty Jobs was one that made you feel so good for people. It really showcased the hard working individuals out there doing the dirtiest jobs that anyone else would look at and think, ‘Oh hell no!’…But really? Each one of these people featured loved doing their job.

The show recently has been kind of rebooted, with the same crew and of course Mike Rowe as they travel the country reminicing about some of these crazy jobs that Mike was sent out to do, check out the trailer below.

If you want to watch old episodes, someone uploaded them to YouTube, but who knows how long that’ll last right?