New ‘The Pretty Reckless’ Album Pushed Until 2021

New ‘The Pretty Reckless’ Album Pushed Until 2021

That’s gonna be awhile.

You’ve most likely heard the latest Pretty Reckless song ‘Death By Rock & Roll’ on Rock 108 right? Yea of course you have…well, it’s gonna be a little while until we hear the FULL album that single is on as the band has pushed back the album until next year.

Lead singer Taylor Momsen in a recent Darryl Takes to Bands podcast stated that “It’s always a bit nerve-wracking to put music out into the world at any time, but certainly releasing music in these very unprecedented times is a bit scary.”

However she did say that new music will continue to be released to radio, single purchases, and streaming…but again, no full album quite yet.

Stupid coronavirus.