Ned’s Coffee & Quarantine with Corey Lowery of Seether!

Ned’s Coffee & Quarantine with Corey Lowery of Seether!

Heck yea, I got to interview Seether!

Seether has always been one of those bands I have wanted to chat with, and thanks to the pandemic, that was made possible! Of course, I would prefer to hang out with the band while they are out on tour, but we all know why we can’t do that right now don’t we?

Seether is gearing up to release their new album which releases VERY SOON! They have a new track out now named ‘Dangerous’ which you can buy now! I think during this pandemic, people need new music…and because we can’t go to our favorite concerts, new music is very welcomed. Corey was a treat to chat with, and not only does he play for Seether, but the guy is VERY involved in the music industry. Even recording Crobot’s latest album!

So what did Corey and I talk about?

  • New album coming soon
  • Finding out how to stay sane during a pandemic
  • Touring with Pantera years ago
  • Growing up in a rockstar family (His brother is Clint of Sevendust)
  • Recording some of rocks big bands

All that and more right here in this interview, and check out Seether’s new album Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum coming soon!