Five 2010’s Rock Songs You Probably Forgot About

Five 2010’s Rock Songs You Probably Forgot About

You know those songs that suddenly just pop up on Rock 108 suddenly, or were minor hits for a minute?

I have a treasure trove in my brain of those songs. I have been in radio for 13 years and I have seen bands come and go. I’ve lived in a bigger city and a smaller city…so I get quite the variety of bands running through, stopping by the studios, and performing a song that it getting decent radio play!

Most of these bands still exists or have different members nowadays, but these songs listed below are ones I pulled from my brain from my 13 years of seeing the bands come and go, and they fall under the “OHHH YEA! I REMEMBER THIS ONE!”

Taddy Porter-Shake Me

Coming from the 2010’s, I remember them playing a tent in Holland, MI at a festival named ‘Tulip Time Festival.’ This was still early in my radio days, so being able to sit with the band and shoot the s&^% about Sega Dreamcast was pretty cool.

Great song, great band.


Maaaan this song was HUGE that summer! Cavo came to town, and I was tasked with bringing them in the radio station vehicle to Walgreens…as a young radio kid? I was in heaven! Driving around a touring band to get supplies? How epic.

This is still a very solid song, I remember doing it on the 420 and we had a bunch of calls and messages.

Foxy Shazam-I Like It

From what I understand, Rock 108 played the track ‘Unstoppable’ by this band. The one I know is this! Foxy Shazam was definatly a unique band, and they have even release new music just a couple years ago! When I think back to my mid-radio days, Foxy Shazam always pops up. I remember saving their instruments during a major rain storm too.

Rev Theory-Justice

Rock 108 dug the hell outta this band in the early 2010’s. If you look in our system, we have quite a few Rev Theory songs! I saw them for the first time open up for Dope at a place called The Intersection. They had that 2010’s hard rock edge and loved it!

Heaven’s Basement-Fire, Fire

What an underrated band…this song rocks! Honestly that’s all I really have, just a great song.