Ladies….What Is Your Fascination with the Target Dollar Spot?

Ladies….What Is Your Fascination with the Target Dollar Spot?

Every single time I step into that store.

I shop at Target for random things, mostly electronics and shower curtains, they are also the only chain store that still sells brand new CD’s! But let me tell you something…every time I walk into that place with my wife? It’s like I opened her up to the cave of wonders, and it always starts?

With the Target Dollar Spot.

I don’t know what it is, but the moment we walk through the golden gates of Target…my wife’s first stop is the Dollar Spot. I never look at the stuff, it’s all cheap stuff. Mind you we have found a couple things like kids toys and knick knacky stuff, but it’s always the same TYPE of stuff! My favorite part of it all though? I’m not the only guy the feels this pain.

Just last Saturday, two other couples were in the section with me…and the guys each time looked so tired and bored while they’re wife/girlfriend poked through the stuff. I felt like at maybe one point if all of guys looked at each other, we’d just nod our heads or shrug our shoulders like ‘Yea, we get it.’

On the other hand, I gotta point out the Target Dollar Spot is great for teachers and educators. Pencils, sidewalk chalk, tiny games, etc…in that case and all at an affordable price? GREAT! For me though? Eh.

Maybe I don’t get it.