DAILY DUMBASS – Naked Couple Walking Dog Get Arrested

DAILY DUMBASS – Naked Couple Walking Dog Get Arrested

An early morning nude walk eventually led to a fight with cops and a Massachusetts couple facing charges.

Police say the couple “were buck naked” and walking a medium-sized black dog named Lucy.

Questioned if they were OK and why they were naked, the naked freaky deaky couple said they didn’t want to answer.

During questioning, the couple yelled and swore at the officers, resisting any efforts of “de-escalation.”

“There was a short foot pursuit. The naked couple ran when they were told they were going to be arrested.”  Yuck!  Think of all the flopping and flapping!!

Police caught up to the pair who struggled violently. One officer was taken to a local hospital to be treated for minor injuries. He has since been released and is at home recovering.

Police arrested the couple and charged them with indecent exposure, assault and battery on a police officer, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.