Who Has the BEST Chicken Wings in Iowa?

Who Has the BEST Chicken Wings in Iowa?

Chicken wings…glorious chicken wings.

I’ll be the first to admit…the ONLY chicken wings I have had here in Iowa? Are from chain restaurants (Marcos Pizza, Pizza Hut, Dominos), Bdubs)….yes….you may throw your forks at me.

But damn, do I LOVE some chicken wings. Back in my home state (Michigan), there was seemingly a chicken wing stop on every street corner. It was like Starbucks in New York, but with tasty chicken. In Iowa? I think I either need to get out more or remember to order the chicken wings on the menu.

Chicken wings are fascinating though. There are so many different ways to rub, sauce, cook, grill, fry…so I gotta ask…

Who makes some damn good wings in Iowa?

I’ll drive! I don’t care! Cedar Valley? Corridor? Quad Cities? Send me some suggestions!