You Should Visit the Iowa Raptor Project in Solon.

You Should Visit the Iowa Raptor Project in Solon.

This weekend, my wife and I finally took some time away from the house and did we what like to do…

Go on an adventure!

Mind you, it took some convincing cause part of me wants all of the unpacking done (and we’re SO damn close to being done), but she HAD to get out of the house! I agreed and we set out on the road to visit one of my favorite Iowa stops….the Iowa Raptor Project, which is located in Solon. For years now, I have had to defend Iowa against my out of state friends that the damn state isn’t just corn fields (I mean, it kinda is but that’s not the point). This state offers SO much nature wise, it’s flippin’ nuts.

The Iowa Raptor Project is a fantastic nature recreational service that helps birds and brings awareness to Eagles, Kestrals, and my personal favorite Owls. They have a few BIG birds where you can get close up and see these them up close, where normally you never would. All of them are kept there because they have had life altering injuries or were brought there cause they were raised in captivity and would never survive in the wild. The Raptor Project works hard to make sure these birds stay alive and also bring awareness so they can continue to be part of the world ecosystem.

Look at this Eagle they have!

It’s free to visit, but depend on donations to keep the Nature Reserve running. But if you have kids or are just wanting something unique to do, pay a visit and check it out. CLICK HERE for more info!

Aside from the project? It’s located by a MASSIVE lake that will show you one of the most amazing views you can see in this state!