Ned’s Coffee & Quarantine w/ Eric of I, Prevail!

Ned’s Coffee & Quarantine w/ Eric of I, Prevail!

This week on Ned’s Coffee & Quarantine, I’m joined by the super powerful voice that is Eric of I, Prevail!

Bands are STILL stuck in quarantine! Some are able to get out and do some stuff, but most of them can’t tour! Especially during the summer? What is a band to do? Talk to me on ZOOM of course! This time, we are joined by the guttural vocal machine that is Eric Vanlerberge of I, Prevail!

What is Eric up to during quarantine you ask? He’s keeping busy! Did you know that he streams video games on Twitch? Neither did I I, Prevail was still working on touring and promoting their latest album ‘Trauma,’ but due to COVID-19…well…that all came to a halt.

So what did we chat about in this latest Coffee & Quarantine?

  • Eric’s Twitch Channel
  • How he has never played Zelda: Ocarina of Time (EVEN THOUGH, Nintendo 64 was his first console!)
  • Keeping busy staying a home during quarantine
  • Working on a project car with his father
  • Working on new material for the next I, Prevail album!

Eric was a joy to talk too! Full of energy! As an interviewer, you HOPE that whomever you are talking to takes the interviews and runs and that’s exactly what Eric did! Very awesome!

Check out their latest album ‘Trauma’