Name That Game and Win $25 to Video Games Etc!

Name That Game and Win $25 to Video Games Etc!

Stuck in the house and running out of video games to play?

Maybe you’re saving up for the Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X? Either way, gaming is in your blood and I want to know how nerdy you TRULY are! I, Ned, the self titled KING of the Nerds have a quest for you…

Listen every weekday at 5:30 on Rock 108 to NAME THAT GAME!

I will be playing a Video Game SOUND EFFECT, and whomever calls in with the correct answer FIRST, will win a $25 gift card to Video Games Etc!

You think this will be easy? You think that I’m just gonna play Super Mario Bros jumps, Pac Man dying, or whatever? HELL NAW BRAH! We’re gonna dig for those true nerds out there….you know who you are…and trust me, I eat video games SFX for breakfast….it’s true, ask my librarian wife.

This is you’re time to shine nerds….don’t disappoint me (Mortal Kombat reference!)

Video Games Etc! Located In Cedar Falls (Viking Plaza), Cedar Rapids (Wiley Blvd & Collins Rd NE), Coralville (8th St), Dubuque (Dodge St), Davenport (W Kimberly), and Moline (Avenue of the Cities)

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Retro, Magic The Gathering, LEGO’s, Mobile Devices, New & Used Video Games spanning from Atari to Xbox Series X!