Ra Announces New Single ‘Intercorrupted,’ Coming October 30th

Ra Announces New Single ‘Intercorrupted,’ Coming October 30th

Do you call my name?

Ra…and band that’s been around but seemingly in hiding since 2013 is back with a whole new single and likely new album coming! It’s pretty awesome that anytime I play their classic single ‘Do You Call My Name,’ Rock 108 Nation goes nuts for it, but I am sure Rock 108 played the bejesus out of it back in 2002.

Ra is back, new label, new single, and new horizons up ahead…and it starts with ‘Intercorrupted!’

Here you go guys!!! 7 years after "Critical Mass" we are so proud to officially announce our new single "Intercorrupted"…

Posted by RA on Thursday, October 15, 2020

We do have to wait for bit as the new single is set to drop on streaming & online on October 30th…but I think once us radio folk get it, we’ll give it that 4:20 Music Meeting treatment.

Stay tuned!