Biggest Fear That People In Iowa Have Right Now

Biggest Fear That People In Iowa Have Right Now

When I think of stuff I’m scared of, things like snakes, spiders and big bodies of water are first to enter my mind.  Well, a new study looked into Google data to figure out what people in every state FEAR the most right now.  Iowa’s biggest fear???  It’s anthropophobia, which is a fear of other people!

After I read that, I thought to myself, “Yeah, I get it.  Not just because of Rona, but because people are nuts!”  Last year, this fear was WAY less than now, probably due to the pandemic.  Google search of anthropophobia is up 500% from last year!  It’s also what most other states’ #1 fear is at the moment.

Last year, the most common fear was aviophobia, the fear of flying.  Now that flying is MUCH less common, that fear has given way to lots of others… although it’s still number one in seven states.

Other pandemic-related fears that won different states this year are, fears of being alone, the outside, and germs.

Do you agree with this study saying that us Iowans mostly fear other people??

Here’s a map of each state.