Charlie Brown ‘Specials’ NOT Airing on Broadcast TV This Year

Charlie Brown ‘Specials’ NOT Airing on Broadcast TV This Year

Why? Money of course.

Every year, people have the tradition to sit around the old tube TV and watch the Charlie Brown TV specials like The Great Pumpkin, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and Charlie Brown Christmas right? Well not this year.

The classic Charlie Brown TV specials have moved from their classic ABC television broadcast to…you guessed it…streaming! Exclusively on Apple + TV.

Great…there goes that tradition that started in the mid-60’s.

To be fair, I own the DVD’s…so I do not watch them on TV and this seems like a natural move as everything is on streaming at this point. But how many of these damn services am I going to have to sign up for? Eventually to get many of the services to pay for and on top of my internet bill, it’s going to cost MORE than just having standard cable….and AGAIN, I GET IT….convenience is key here…but how many things are going to track what I watch?

I slowly understanding more and more traditional broadcast just makes more sense and DVD’s….I mean, these internet algorithms know more about you than your immediate family.