Rock 108 Fursday: King the Dog!

Rock 108 Fursday: King the Dog!

It may be the holiday season, and there are PLENTY of pets in need of a home!

This week on Fursday, we feature KING THE DOG from the Cedar Bend Humane Society!

This is an incredibly unique breed of pup! King is a 1.5 year old Siberian Husky Pit Bull Mix. 

As you might guess from his regal stance, this boy does have a bit of a stubborn/strong-willed side to him. However, King is extremely people-oriented and food motivated, so he would be happy to train. A family that understands the Husky breed or has breed experience would be the best fit for this nice boy.

When with other dogs, King can be a bit pushy and dominant, but he would be happy to meet any other potential dog siblings to see if they’d be a good match for each other! 


REMEMBER! Pets are a commitment! If you give a pet for Christmas, it isn’t a temporary thing! They are part of your family and want your love for their lives! Before adopting, ensure you and your family are ready.