Hey…I’m a Dad Now!

Hey…I’m a Dad Now!

So that’s pretty new right?

As of Dec. 28th at 7:17pm, my daughter Lillian Grace was born unto the world…and I converted from just Ned…to Dad.

It’s kinda crazy isn’t it? I mean, for years and years I have been the guy that acted like a kid and did kid like stuff on the air…which I still will do of course. But now? I gotta raise my own kid, and that is just mind blowing to me. It feels like yesterday my wife and I moved to Iowa to start a new life in this state with very little money, riddled with student loan debt, using an air mattress as a couch, in an apartment of questionable quality.

Now? We have grown into parents with a house mortgage. Lily is great, even though the moment I change her diaper…she decides to poop again RIGHT after I change it…cause that’s what babies do!

Katie is a freakin’ Master in Command when it comes to parenting. The moment Lily popped out, she just clicked and got it!…but as maybe some Dad’s may know, it takes a little more to adjust to life with a screaming baby that constantly poops and spits up. One day I am playing Gears of War 5 without interruption, and now? I’m trying to find time to play Gears while having a sleeping and sometimes twitchy baby on my chest…along with a burp rag to catch spit up.

Life is interesting right now that’s for sure, as all new dad’s go through, but I can tell you now…I don’t think I’d want it any other way. I’ve already introduced KISS, Ice Nine Kills, Pop Evil, and Drowning Pool to her ears so she’s on her way.