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Fong’s Pizza – New Fruit Loops Breakfast Pizza

So far this breakfast pizza is only in Des Moines, but perhaps it might be heading to Cedar Rapids soon?  The new pizza is called “Loopy Fruits” at Fong’s in Des Moines. Fong’s Pizza debuts new Fruit Loops breakfast pizza https://t.co/1Xw8yyXYym — KCCI News (@KCCINews) February 28, 2021 It has sour cream and cream cheese…read more »


Second-Born Children Are More Likely To Be Troublemakers

Okay, this caught my eye.  I’m a second-born, and was DEF a troublemaker compared to my older brother and younger brother.  I was the one sneaking out to go party, while my brothers never got into trouble.  I also have friends who are second-born and they were trouble as well. Here’s how this conclusion can…read more »


Cedar Rapids – Thieves Have Stolen 41 Catalytic Converters Since November

It’s not just in Cedar Rapids, but all over Iowa that thieves are stealing catalytic converters from underneath vehicles.  So far just in Cedar Rapids, 41 have been stolen since November.  Cedar Rapids Police are working with at least 7 other law enforcement agencies in Iowa who are dealing with the same thing.  These dumbass…read more »


Pilot Spotted a UFO and American Airlines Didn’t Deny It

My fellow alien junkies, you will like this.  On Sunday, American Airlines flight 2292 took off on a routine trip from Cincinnati  to Phoenix.  When the plane was over New Mexico, the pilot spotted a UFO that flew over them. Here’s what the pilot said in the radio transmission: “Do you have any targets up…read more »

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