C.C. tries to balance her inappropriate, dude-like behavior by wearing dresses every day.  It doesn’t work.  She wants to be a classy lady someday.  She never will be.  She’s a coffee, Twizzlers and horror flick junkie here to rock your weekday mornings from 6-10 am.

She has no moderation skills and a short attention span, so you never really know what you’re going to get…​


Watch Staind Play Acoustic Version of ‘Mudshovel’

Definitely a new way to hear Staind’s “Mudshovel”.  Aaron Lewis and Mike Mushok kicked it and released this video of them playing an acoustic version of “Mudshovel”.  It was part of their “From The Couch” paid livestream. This past June, Aaron Lewis said that Staind is working on a new album.  It will be their…read more »


My Rona Experience

I was doing my show on Wednesday October 28th, and noticed my throat was a bit sore.  In a Rona-free world I wouldn’t have thought twice about it, but since we have to report any changes in health to management, I did just that.  Russ took my temp, and it was only 97.1.  I kept…read more »

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Facebook Completely DELETED Trapt’s Account For Hate Speech

Oh the drama… TRAPT had around 600,000 fans on their Facebook page, BUT not anymore.  Facebook completely DELETED their account.  Facebook is saying the reason is because of “hate speech”. Here is a post from Trapt’s Twitter: For posting this pic and saying the same thing in the post, Facebook has completely deleted the TRAPT…read more »


DAILY DUMBASS – Burger King Worker Busted for Stealing $30,000

Did this guy really think a Burger King store rakes in so much cash that they wouldn’t notice THIS much missing? There’s a 35-year-old dude named Daniel Andrews from Pelham, Alabama.  And last August, he came up with a plan to steal cash from his job at Burger King. But instead of doing it the…read more »

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