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DAILY DUMBASS – Man Breaks Into Parent’s Home To Steal Meatballs

A Pennsylvania man broke into his parents home while they were gone in Florida… to steal frozen meatballs. The 43-year-old man was told to stay away from the property while his parents were gone. He broke in anyway and stole the frozen meatballs along with chocolate chips. He was arrested and is facing several charges…read more »


Steak, Potatoes And Corn! – My Favorite Midwest Meal!

I took this photo of my “little” brother, Lance grilling steaks last year at my parents’ house in Nebraska.  At the time, I was still living up in Seattle, and went home for a visit.  I remember telling my mom that the main thing I wanted to do while visiting was BBQ a steak with…read more »

CC driving

“Sunday” Drives Are Making A Comeback

Did you and your family go on Sunday drives growing up?  My family did.  It was usually right after lunch.  Mom and dad would herd us kids in the car and we would take off on a random drive.  That tradition has stuck with me over the years, all the way up to this day. …read more »

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