Hey, I’m Ned. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI and moved to Iowa to rock it out at Rock 108. Started my radio career in Grand Rapids and attended Eastern Michigan University for broadcasting, so I guess that worked out for me.

When I’m not busy playing tunes on your radio or streaming thingy, I’m playing video games, going for a run, or watching the same TV shows that I have seen 400 times…Futurama anybody? If one would describe me, it would be…

“The guy that hangs out with you on the couch, drinking Surge while playing Super Mario Bros. while laughing at B Movies.”

Hang out with me weekdays from 2p-7p on Rock 108 and we’ll chat about pretty much anything. However, don’t be surprised if I forget to talk on air because I am taking down Mother Brain in Super Metroid.


Five 2010’s Rock Songs You Probably Forgot About

You know those songs that suddenly just pop up on Rock 108 suddenly, or were minor hits for a minute? I have a treasure trove in my brain of those songs. I have been in radio for 13 years and I have seen bands come and go. I’ve lived in a bigger city and a…read more »


Ladies….What Is Your Fascination with the Target Dollar Spot?

Every single time I step into that store. I shop at Target for random things, mostly electronics and shower curtains, they are also the only chain store that still sells brand new CD’s! But let me tell you something…every time I walk into that place with my wife? It’s like I opened her up to…read more »


Let’s Add “I Read an Article…” to Questionable Statements.

You know those things that you say to prove a fact or make an excuse for something? You’ve said them, of course you have…you’re a human being after all, it’s only natural! 5 popular quotes that you should always question are… They say…. I assumed… You know… Like…. So… Most likely, these 5 words or…read more »


I’m Quite Jealous of my Brother’s Recent Purchase…

My brother recently bought something that I have ALWAYS wanted to buy, and he beat me to the punch. He is currently vacationing up in Northern Michigan with his wife, lounging around, having a good time and venturing to random stores…like a reseller shop for example. For years, Jason (my brother) and I have always…read more »


Ned’s Coffee & Quarantine with Corey Lowery of Seether!

Heck yea, I got to interview Seether! Seether has always been one of those bands I have wanted to chat with, and thanks to the pandemic, that was made possible! Of course, I would prefer to hang out with the band while they are out on tour, but we all know why we can’t do…read more »


Rock 108 Fursday: Suzy the Dog!

Check out who we are featuring on Fursday today! Today we feature Suzy the dog from the Cedar Bend Humane Society! Suzy came to CBHS as an owner surrender.  She is  Approx. 6 years old Suzy is a sweet girl who can be nervous at times. She loves attention and loves being close to her handler. Suzy…read more »