Hey, I’m Ned. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI and moved to Iowa to rock it out at Rock 108. Started my radio career in Grand Rapids and attended Eastern Michigan University for broadcasting, so I guess that worked out for me.

When I’m not busy playing tunes on your radio or streaming thingy, I’m playing video games, going for a run, or watching the same TV shows that I have seen 400 times…Futurama anybody? If one would describe me, it would be…

“The guy that hangs out with you on the couch, drinking Surge while playing Super Mario Bros. while laughing at B Movies.”

Hang out with me weekdays from 2p-7p on Rock 108 and we’ll chat about pretty much anything. However, don’t be surprised if I forget to talk on air because I am taking down Mother Brain in Super Metroid.


Mario Kart 64 Is Still Fun 24 Years Later

There have been MANY Mario Kart games, but to me, this one was always the gold standard. 24 years ago, Mario Kart 64 graced our presence on the Nintendo 64, and it’s still fun as hell today! There have been many Mario Kart games since this one, but I feel like they all kinda ‘worked…read more »


Woman Put ‘Gorilla Glue’ In Her Hair With Obvious Results

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You know not to put glue in your hair right? There are SOME exceptions like Elmers glue, but it’s washable for when you want to do a mohawk or Liberty spike. I have had plenty of friends who have done that….but key word….washable. Gorilla Glue on the other hand…read more »


What If Blink-182 Sounded Like Korn?

It would likely sound like this. Mashup are always a lot of fun, but this isn’t REALLY a mash up in a way, but a dude on TikTok. TikTokker Zach MacLachlan (is that what you call them?) took Blink-182’s ‘All the Small Things and gave it the Korn treatment with vocal stylings and guitar work.…read more »

bed in a hotel room

10 Jobs Where You Are Likely to Be ‘Single’ At Age 40

Are you 40 years old, single, and work one of these jobs? You’re not alone. With Valentine’s day just around the corner, whether you celebrate or not…it’s a day we are supposed to celebrate love for one another, and probably do the dirty cause commercials say we should. Maybe you’re single though, which is totally…read more »


Scooters Coffee Opening 3 Locations in Cedar Valley & Independance

Starbucks & Dunkin aren’t going to be the only corporate coffee shops in town anymore. Everyday I drive by Starbucks in Waterloo, there is a line just crawling out into the street! It’s seemingly ALWAYS busy! Personally I prefer local coffee shops over the big name stuff, but another big name shop seems to be…read more »


Ned’s Coffee & Quarantine with Jamie Madrox of Twiztid!

While we’re busy jamming ‘Rose Petal’ on Rock 108, Twiztid is hanging with me. It’s a new episode of Ned’s Coffee & Quarantine, and this time, we feature a group that never in my life did I think I would play their music on a radio station I work at! But the music stylings of…read more »