Russ is a professional Radio Gypsy who’s decided to make Eastern Iowa his home. Russ says “I love Rock Radio and working for one of the country’s best rock stations makes coming to work every day too much fun”. Being the geezer of our staff, Russ brings a head full of historical knowledge of the artists and lots stories of bad behavior.

bicycle race


Geezer Rant: In an staggering message of “screw you, I have ethics even if you don’t”, the entire staff of RAGBRAI, that bike ride across Iowa, has resigned over the Des Moines Register’s handling of the Carson King story. Ride director TJ Juskiewicz  says he received many questions about the Carson King/Register events of late,…read more »

Carson King Can

Busch Creates a Can for “Iowa Legend” Carson King

They’re calling Carson King an “Iowa Legend” and I agree.  What started as a funny sign at a Hawkeye’s game requesting beer money for Busch Lattes (Busch Light beer) has become an international viral sensation.  Carson King has turned that request for beer money into actual donations to Stead Children’s Hospital which looks down on…read more »


My Date With a Cow

Now that I’m a farmer I had to further my education by taking part in a “Celebrity Cow Milking Contest” where I brought neither celebrity or milking experience.  In fact, being a city kid, I’ve never been around farm animals, EVER, unless rats the size of chickens count.  But I digress. I was introduced to…read more »

Preparing pizza

Read What Casey’s Considers “Midwest Pizza”

I’m a bit of a pizza purest — cheese only, unless I’m feeling really “over the edge” then maybe I’ll get pepperoni.  I’ve been known to experiment with specialty pies now and then but don’t try to convince me it’s pizza.  Casey’s is about to roll-out a “Midwest Pizza” which they haven’t given a name…read more »



Tool’s inclusion on music streaming platforms is paying off. Not only did the Tool’s long-awaited digital debut two weeks ago spark a flurry of conversation and celebration among fans, it also stoked interest in Tool’s upcoming new album, Fear Inoculum, the first single from the new album. As of August 13, all four of Tool’s…read more »

Traffic light with green color on blue sky background.

CR Traffic Cams Issue 5,137 Tickets in 4 Days

Warning Geezer Rant:  5,137 tickets in 4 days.  That’s 1,284 per day; 38,000 per month; almost half a million tickets a year.  Cut the crap.  We get it, one of the cities in one of the highest taxed states in the Union feels it needs more money.  They don’t have enough cops to write enough tickets…read more »

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