We Need to Return More to Verbal Communication

We Need to Return More to Verbal Communication

Texting is convenient, but it isn’t the best solution.

As you know, I have been doing these Coffee & Quarantine shows on the website, and I noticed something…with video chat capabilities and being able to see the person that I am talking too? It is MILES better than any kind of phone or text interview, which got me to thinking.

We as a society need to return more to verbal communication….face to face.

Facebook, texting, Twitter status, etc….what do they all have in common? No verbal, no tone of voice…it’s just words for your conscious to decipher. Now this isn’t the case all of the time, but nearly every single day I read comments, blogs, posts, status’, of people sharing news, proving points, making a joke and whomever the reader is? Takes it COMPLETELY the opposite way! Which usually results in misinformation or social media arguments that never were really supposed to be arguments in the first place. And where that does leave you? Angry, stressed, frustrated, etc.

I ask….when is the last time you ACTUALLY called a friend? Like physically dialed in a phone number and talked to a family member or friend for a long period? I get it, texting is easy, POSTING a status is easy, but there are many people that use texting and posting as their mainline communication…and I feel that is where the problem is! Take radio for example…Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music are great…hell I use them. But when you hear someone like me on the radio, I am talking DIRECTLY to you. You hear my voice, I attempt to make you laugh, make you think, inform you of current events in YOUR community. It’s an engagement of the mind that is getting smaller and smaller by the day the less you do it.

A good example is visiting friends and relatives…ALL of my family is 7 hours away. Not a terrible drive, but 7 hours is a long time in a car just to physically see and talk with family. But EVERY TIME I do it, I remember the time with family and friends, I DON’T even think about the drive. Think about it, 7 hours is roughly about 3 of your favorite movies in a row. You’ve seen that movie, can recite the lines, but after it’s done…you move onto the next thing and don’t remember the 37th you seen it. Think about my 7 hour drive as driving towards a goal, a good time, that will create a favorite memory…driving is just the crust of the delicious saucy pizza.

In the end…all I am saying is take some time to call a friend, engage verbally with someone face to face, instead of just sending a text that says ‘Hey man.’