Here’s The Pics You Sent Me From Your Job Today!

Here’s The Pics You Sent Me From Your Job Today!

I went on the air and asked you to let me know if you listen to Rock 108 at work.  I was HAPPILY OVERWHELMED from all of your messages, photos and videos you sent from your job!  Check out what you sent below.  And, keep up the good work, you are so appreciated!

(Kevin sent a bad ass video of himself jamming out to Rock 108 in his rig, but I can’t download the video :-()  Here’s what he said:

KevinListen to you every day, but today is gonna be a bad day because it’s one hot mother and I’m gonna be out there cleaning the damn plant because we are moving.

ElizabethI’m the cook at our local daycare and am in a secluded part of our building to where I can listen to Rock 108 all day and today’s fun while jamming out was making some Twinkie submarines for snack for our under the sea week 🙂

Drew – Just out here plumbing a new house, got Rock 108 cranked up all day long!
NickPutting a new patio door in south of Williamsburg 👎
Life’s a garden you dig it you make it work.
Dave – Just pushing rock at CR airport.
Brittany – Just heard you say you wanted pics, this is what I get to do (farmin’ as russ would say) thanks for putting a great show on every morning!!

BrentDelivering tires & auto parts! It’s freaking hot!!  AC is broke to! 🥵🥵🥵  Great jams hep a lot!!! Thnx

Justin – I listen to you guys everyday. We make forms that make concrete pipes and man holes. Down in southeast Iowa.
Seth – This is my office.
(Eric sent a video of himself doing his USPS Mail route, but again, I couldn’t download the video.)  Here’s what he said:
EricStayin’ humble 2day, out of the comfort zone on rural route I haven’t carried before.
Rock 108 helps along the way 😀
Have a good one, keep kickin’ ass!