Sevendust – New Album, ‘Blood & Stone’ Coming In October!

Sevendust – New Album, ‘Blood & Stone’ Coming In October!

Sevendust officially announced the release date of their 13th album!  It’s called Blood & Stone, and it is due out on October 23rd.  It will have 13 songs, including their Soundgarden cover of “The Day I Tried to Live”.

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Blood & Stone tracks:

01. “Dying to Live”
02. “Love”
03. “Blood From a Stone”
04. “Feel Like Going On”
05. “What You’ve Become”
06. “Kill Me”
07. “Nothing Left to See Here Anymore”
08. “Desperation”
09. “Criminal”
10. “Against the World”
11. “Alone”
12. “Wish You Well”
13. “The Day I Tried to Live”

Guitarist, Clint Lowery said,  “I think this is one of our strongest records in a while. I’m proud of all the music we do. Every band likes to say, ‘Oh, yeah, the new record is the best one we’ve ever done.’ I think it’s a very reflective record for where we’re at musically, where we’re at as a band. So that’s always a goal. I think we just wanna be genuine. We don’t wanna put out a dud record. Not everyone’s gonna like it; we understand that. We just try to do what we do best. We’re not the heaviest band in the world; we’re not a pop-rock band at all either. We’re just this aggressive band that has our own thing, and we stay true to that.”