A Quick Rental Review of ‘Capone’

A Quick Rental Review of ‘Capone’

I miss doing movie reviews for the website! Since theaters in Iowa are still closed, I think I’ll try something a little different to fill the gap.

Instead of seeing what’s the latest and greatest on the big screen, I still frequent my local Family Video in Waterloo, where I can still get newer movies (Yea, I know…I could just stream it, but this is way more fun)! I still go out, get the movie, and watch. So until theaters open back up, here is the first ‘Quick Rental Review!’

So where do I start with these? This weekend I rented ‘Capone’ starring Tom Hardy. If you know your history, you have probably heard the Al Capone name before. When I saw the trailer for this movie awhile back, I thought it was a cool idea! Tom Hardy does great as different characters! He looked great in the trailers! Plus gangsters, shooting, prohibition, bloody…damn, this should be awesome right?!?! My quick rental review…

‘Unexpected and slow.’

I had a bad feeling when the movie started up and saw all these studio names that I had never heard of…now that’s not ALWAYS a bad thing, but you can tell where they blasted all of their budget, and that’s hiring Tom Hardy to play the lead role. If you expected the shooting, gangsters, bloody, prohibition craziness? Yea…you’re gonna get about 8 minutes of that and 1 hour and 40 minutes of a barely audible Tom Hardy that is slowly descending into dementia. The film takes place in his final year of living, of the once great crime boss who has been reduced to bodily accidents (get my drift?), falling over, and having visions. Basically the moment the movie started, a text read ‘Capone the crime boss blah blah blah….This was his final year.’

I could hear my wife and I say….’Ughhhh maaaan.’ THAT’S the level of disappointment we had.

It’s actually quite sad…dementia affects millions of peoples lives every single day, and it’s horrible. If that’s the kinda movie you’re looking for? You might find something here…but it drags on and on and on. You wonder if there is going to be that moment! You know, that one that just DEFINES this movie…and it just never happens. The ending is oddly the best part, not because it was a great ending…but because the movie was over.

Sorry Tom, this was one HELL of a miss for your career. He is an incredibly talented actor, and this one just missed the bar entirely. You can’t have a movie named ‘Capone’ and have it be about his dying days. The name ‘Capone’ has such a brand recognition of violence and crime…so as a movie-goer, that’s what you expect!

Not this.

Watch the trailer below…I honestly think this could be considered false advertising.