Ned’s Coffee & Quarantine with Tony Palermo of Papa Roach!

Ned’s Coffee & Quarantine with Tony Palermo of Papa Roach!

We’re still in a pandemic and live music is still not fully back.

Here in Iowa, live music is back in a much reduced form…but for venues all across the nation? It’s just not there…so, while bands are stuck in quarantine unable to tour, what are they to do? Talk to me on a ZOOM call.

This time around on the latest Ned’s Coffee & Quarantine, we feature Tony Palermo…the DRUMMER of PAPA ROACH! I have been listening to Papa Roach ever since I basically discovered rock music back in the late 90’s early 2000’s. Huge hooks, hard driving guitar, and an unmatched live show…Papa Roach puts on an unmatched show, and Tony is there to deliver those drums and bring you a badass rock show.

So what is Tony and the Papa Roach guys up to during quarantine? Here is what we talked about:

  • The new Greatest Hits album
  • New album on the way
  • The band being featured on ‘First We Feast’
  • Influential rock albums (KISS Alive 2)
  • Showing Gene Simmons his belt buckle but Gene thinking something entirely different
  • What current bands is Tony excited about?

This one was a fun one and Tony is such a cool dude…check out the full chat below and pre-order Papa Roach’s Greatest Hits VOL. 2 right here!